No, I want it to fucking GLOW


Bishop – From Eric York’s Nephilim Chess Set

The following is from an audio exchange between two human “bosses” at the site of the Deus Device

Bishop: What part of this are you having trouble understanding? I want the whole thing to GLOW!

Engineer: Ok, how about this?

Bishop: Is the whole thing GLOWING? I mean I want the WHOLE FUCKING THING to SHINE!!!

Bishop: The whole headpiece – the whole fucking thing – GLOWS like the fucking sun, RIGHT? It shines. IT FUCKING SHINES. Whenever any of those other stupid motherfuckers look at it – IT SHINES. They can’t even see it because it looks just like the fucking SUN, OK?

Engineer: You want a headpiece that’s really bright?

Bishop: I want the fucking headpiece to fucking BLIND YOU if you look at it, ok you stupid piece of shit!?

Bishop: can I make that any MORE clear you dumbfuck??